illanthropic (jillanthropic) wrote in seones,

Hello kids,

Zheng Hao and I were saying we should go back and collect our A Level certs together! And we could like watch a movie. Pirates 3? Or something! Next Saturday, so the Army boys can come too. How about it? :D Say yes! If you want Pirates, I could book tickets first! Reply fast, okay?

♥ Jill
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Hey yea I know I said next week, but then I remembered 2 weeks from now I believe that most of the boys Serving The Nation would finish their BMT, and that means block leave YAY. So perhaps that's a good time to go as well.



May 26 2007, 07:03:58 UTC 10 years ago

saturday sounds good ah! dont have it on a weekday if possible please cause if not i have to take leave cause im permstaff im not a trainee and im speaking for the non bmt people like victor gaius clemens and myself

PTI : "gentlemen, did u have 7 hours of uninterrupted rest last night?"


PTI : "so do you want to do PT today or not falcon coy?"


PTI : "so you want to sleep now and stay back on saturday to do PT is it falcon coy?"

F COY : "NO PTI!!!!"

PTI : "reference row reference row ready!"
LOL SHAUN you're ridiculous. And yeah I'm thinking Saturday is better tooooooooo. :)
noooooooooooooooo to pirates :( SHREK PLEASE SHREK?
OH YA OH YA!!!!!! I forgot about Shrek. Oh definitely Shrek. :D :D Hahahaha.
Are our testimonials ready too? Let's make sure there's someone in school to pass us our certs first, haha.
shrek for me too, class outing nxt sat letz do it.
anyway ... lets watch shrek it looks really good...and jill could you bring the greys' season three!!! counting down to next saturday to watch grey's
so like when u have enough replies in ur opinion post another entry to the class LJ yar. Hope to see everyone soon



May 27 2007, 08:37:49 UTC 10 years ago

ok set. next saturday it is then. lets get names now so jill can book tickets...
oh and please mass sms around, cuz those of us who are not officers dun have internet access in camp. thx a lot. Juz in case i wasn't clear, i'm in for our outing.


May 27 2007, 10:07:59 UTC 10 years ago

i haf smthing on in the evening. can we watch an afternoon show?--clemens
Clemens has a date with Quincy, so we'll watch in the afternooooon. Hahaha. What time in the evening? 3pm-ish show okay? What is the latest you wanna end by...


May 28 2007, 13:12:15 UTC 10 years ago

darn! how did u find out abt our secret date??
3 pm is fine=)-clemens
whats this sia. I also wanna go for outing..............Can't wait for TRANSFORMERS Robots in disguise to come out.. LOL.