dexire (dexire) wrote in seones,


Basically everyone is busy with their own problems, and this LJ of ours is getting a little dull. It is near impossible to keep a site like this active, and equally as hard for us to keep up to date with each other's progress in life. 

So letz make a commitment, that all of us show up for ACJC's fun-o-rama nxt year. There will be small gatherings in between now and then, wif varying numbers of our classmates. But letz all be there, ebuarary 2008, at ACJC. Supposing this be the last post on our community page, everyone will get to see this entry, and everyone will know. Hope to see everyone there.

Just to lighten up the mood, i conjured a pick up line for all to criticise and ridicule: "hello miss, may i have ur name, so that i may know more than a pretty face." lol
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